Treating Trauma
Sarah Haley Award
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Sarah Haley Memorial Award for Clinical Excellence

This award is given to a clinician or group of clinicians in direct service to traumatized individuals. This written and/or verbal communication to the field must exemplify the work of Sarah Haley.

Candidates are judged on clinical excellence in the spirit of Sarah Haley:

  • Good reputation as a clinician over a significant period
  • Advocacy as demonstrated by, for example, public and media appearances, consultancy to large organizations on issues of policy, or advice and training for clinicians
  • Dissemination of clinical excellence through, for example, publications and regular training initiatives  

Nominate an
outstanding clinician

Each year ISTSS recognizes member achievements through its awards program. ISTSS encourages nominations for candidates from countries outside North America, as well as within.

Nominate an outstanding clinician for the
Sarah Haley Award.

Recipients of the Sarah Haley Award

2011 EMDR-Humanitarian Assistance Programs and Vanessa Kelly, PsyD

2010  Stuart Turner, MD, MA, FRCP, FRCPsych

2009 Linda A. Piwowarczyk, MD, MPH

2008 Charles Zeanah, Jr., MD

2007 Howard Osofsky, MD, PhD, and Joy Osofsky, PhD

2006 Anica Mikus Kos, MD

2005 Minna Barrett, PhD, and Thomas Demaria, PhD

2004 Greg Passey, MD

2003 Christine A. Courtois, PhD

2002 Robert Abramovitz, MD

2001 James F. Munroe, EdD

2000 Medecins sans Frontieres -- Doctors without Borders

1999 Lucy Berliner, MSW

1998 Sandra L. Bloom, MD

1997 Laura Brown, PhD

1996 Mary Harvey, PhD and Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD

1994 Chaim F Shatan, MD 2009 recipient: Linda A. Piwowarczyk, MD, MPH