Strategic Plan
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Strategic Plan

In 2011, ISTSS released its Strategic Plan. This plan is the result of more than two years of work and in that time, the association clarified the vision and mission for the organization and identified six major goals for our society including:

Goal #1: Professional Community
ISTSS inspires innovation in the various activities of traumatic stress professionals. We provide a unique forum for respectful exchange among a diverse membership.

Goal #2: Dissemination and Collaboration
ISTSS is a diverse and inclusive organization that emphasizes collaboration in the exchange of knowledge and in the development, dissemination and implementation of evidence based and emerging best practices for all different types of trauma and populations.

Goal #3: Societal Impact
ISTSS contributes to the health and resilience of people and communities in the face of traumatic events.

Goal #4: Promotion of Science and Clinical Practice
ISTSS engages its members in advancing traumatic stress science and uses research to improve prevention, and clinical care, promote resilience, and inform public education and public policy.

Goal #5: Global Relationships
The ISTSS operates within a new business model that is responsive to issues, members and stakeholders from all nations.

Goal #6: Organizational Excellence
As a scientific and clinical society, the ISTSS operates within a model that is inclusive, transparent and sustainable.

Read the complete Strategic Plan. (PDF)