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Call for Articles!

Information for Authors/Submission Guidelines for Traumatic StressPoints.


Traumatic StressPoints is published on the web six times/year (January, March, May, July, September, November) by the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies with open-access.  In addition to being accessible from the ISTSS website, members receive email announcements with a link to the current issue.  Members include psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers and others who work in the treatment and study of traumatic stress-related disorders.

Article Submissions

Traumatic StressPoints accepts articles (750-1000 words) on topics related to the study and treatment of traumatic stress-related disorders. Topic areas include (but are not limited to) innovative programs and treatment approaches, assessment/diagnosis, theory on the biological and/or psychological bases of PTSD, policy and legal issues, and other relevant subjects. Articles may deal specifically with particular types of traumatic experiences, such as violence, sexual abuse, rape, incest, war, torture and imprisonment, refugees, disasters, emergency service workers, death and bereavement issues and others.  

Traumatic StressPoints provides a vehicle for the rapid dissemination of news, as well as recent advances, issues, controversies, concerns, or innovations in research or applied contexts. Articles should be written in a style accessible to a multidisciplinary audience. Considering limited space, terse shorter articles will be given priority over longer articles. Articles should be well-documented (references do not count towards word count).  With the electronic newsletter format, authors are encouraged to provide links to relevant web resources when applicable to facilitate readers’ access of additional or supporting information on the topic. 

Deadlines are generally as follows:

Issue Date:                          Submission Due Date:

January                                 December 15

March                                    February 15

May                                       April 15

July                                        June 15

September                            August 15

November                             October 10

To submit an article, email a Word document to the editor at

For more information about the suitability of an article for publication, contact the editor of Traumatic StressPoints, Patricia Kerig, PhD, at  For other questions, please contact managing editor, Donald Rolfe at