Treating Trauma
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Treating Trauma

ISTSS is committed to supporting the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based and emerging best practices for individuals suffering from traumatic stress.   

In 2000, ISTSS formulated best practice parameters for trauma professionals as teachers, clinicians, and scholars.  The aim is to stimulate discussion and exchange of information within the traumatic stress community.

ISTSS Treatment Guidelines

Effective Treatments for PTSD, 2nd Edition

The ISTSS Treatment Guidelines are an updated edition of this valuable resource. The treatment guidelines provide an extensive review of the literature by trauma experts, to assist clinicians providing treatment for adults, adolescents and children with PTSD and are available for free to the public.

International Practice Guidelines for Post-Trauma Mental Health

Learn more about clinical practice guidelines produced in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Treatment Materials

ISTSS offers a number of treatment resources, including treatment manuals for acute stress disorder and PTSD, patient handouts, and links to high-quality web-based trainings in evidence-based practices.  Most of these resources are available only to members, but some are available to non-members as well.  Click here for details.

Self-care for providers

Helping individuals who suffer from traumatic stress can be extremely rewarding, but it can also deeply affect providers' own psychological and emotional well being.  Understanding how "indirect trauma" can impact providers and knowing what can be done about it is vital to remaining as effective a helper as possible. Click here for details.

Sarah Haley Memorial Award for Clinical Excellence

This award is given to a clinician or group of clinicians in direct service to traumatized individuals. This written and/or verbal communication to the field must exemplify the work of Sarah Haley. Click here for details.