Annual Meeting Organizing Committee

Audit Committee

Lisa Angert-Morris - Chair

Awards Committee

Andrea J. Phelps - Chair

Data Committee

Brian N. Smith - Chair

Data Subcommittee

Bita Ghafoori - Subcommittee Chair

Diversity Committee

Kotaro Shoji - Chair

Educational Review Sub-committee Chair

Jennifer S. Wachen - Chair

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

T.H. Eric Bui - Chair

Global Collaboration

Global Initiatives Committee

Ulrich Schnyder - Chair

Guidelines Committee

Jonathan I. Bisson - Chair

History of ISTSS

Harold Kudler - Chair

Journal of Traumatic Stress Editor

Patricia K. Kerig - Editor

Journal of Traumatic Stress Planning Committee

Amy Street - Chair

Member Recruitment/ Social Media Subcommittee

Chelsea M. Cogan - Subcommittee Chair

Membership Committee

Bita Ghafoori - Co-Chair
Janine Shelby - Co-Chair

Membership Engagement Task Force

Joanne L. Davis - Co-Chair
Erika Felix - Co-Chair

New Attendee Orientation Subcommittee - Membership Committee

Sacha A. McBain - Subcommittee Chair

Nominations and Elections Committee

Julian D. Ford - Chair


Sandra L. Bloom - Chair

Production Sub-Committee

Melissa J. Zielinski - Chair

Public Health and Policy Committee

Diane Elmore Borbon - Chair

Public Information and Education Oversight Committee

Brian P. Marx - Chair

Public Information and Education Selection Task Force

Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling - Co-Chair
Nicole Nugent - Co-Chair

Retention Subcomittee - Membership Committee

Elizabeth Goetter - Subcommittee Chair

Revenue Committee

T.H. Eric Bui - Co-Chair
Soraya Seedat - Co-Chair

Scientific Program Committee

Social Network Administrator

Special Interest Groups

Maureen A. Allwood - Chair

StressPoints Editor

Christal L. Badour - Editor

Student Research Grant Committee

Erika J. Wolf - Chair

Student Section

Lia Smith - Chair

Travel Awards Committee

Christian Kristensen - Chair

Volunteer Coordinator

Web Editorial Committee

Carolyn Yeager - Editor