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ISTSS Outstanding Student Advocacy and Service Award

The ISTSS Student Advocacy and Service Award recognizes a student member of ISTSS who has made significant contributions in the field of public advocacy, clinical work, and traumatic stress at a local, national, and/or international level. The award promotes efforts by students who have worked to advance the understanding of trauma or to improve the access to and quality of services that benefit those affected by traumatic events. Forward award nominations and related information and questions, to Matthew Luciano. The deadline for submission of materials is August 22, 2019.

Requirements for Consideration

  • Nominees must be current student members of ISTSS, or have been a student within the past year and been a student member when completing the activity for which they are nominated. Note: Student members are not eligible for this award while occupying a student leadership position.
  • Nominees must be nominated by an ISTSS member. The nominating member must provide the name, program and contact information for the nominated student member, and confirm that the nominee is a student member of ISTSS.
  • The nominating member will complete a two-page letter describing the outstanding advocacy or service of the nominee and reasons the member believes the student should be considered for the award.
  • Current curriculum vitae for nominee.

Determination of the ISTSS Outstanding Student Advocacy and Service Award: The ISTSS student leadership will evaluate all completed nominations on the basis of their contribution to the field of public advocacy, clinical work, and traumatic stress. The student leadership will select no more than 5 possible recipients and submit these nominations to the Student Grant Committee. This committee will make the final decision as to the recipient of the award. Nominated students and nominating members will be notified of the final decision and the recipient will be notified of his or her selection to receive the award. The recipient will receive a plaque recognizing the achievement and the honor will be presented at the annual ISTSS conference.