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Clinical Interventions Track


This schedule is evolving as we work to implement a virtual meeting. Check back regularly for updates as we add additional meeting offerings.

All times are listed in U.S. Eastern TIme. 

Wednesday, November 4

5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: CERV-PTSD: VA Cooperative Study #591, a Randomized Clinical Trial of Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy in Veterans

Thursday, November 5

5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: “Should I stay or should I go?”: Advancing the Study of Attendance in Comorbid PTSD and Substance Use Disorder Clinical Trials

Friday, November 6

10am – 11:15am Workshop: Sí se Puede: Prolonged Exposure Psychotherapy with Latinx Survivors of Sexual Assault 
5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: Intensive Delivery of Evidence-based Treatment for PTSD across Diverse Contexts: Successes, Challenges, and Strategies for Implementation

Saturday, November 7

10am – 11:15am Symposium: Sleep and PTSD: From Mechanisms to Treatment Outcomes
2pm – 3:15pm Symposium: Bridging the Science and Practice Gap in PTSD Treatment: Understanding and Addressing Clinician-Level Barriers to the Dissemination and Implementation of Prolonged Exposure Therapy
5pm – 6:15pm Panel: Bridging Science and Practice to Reach Trauma Survivors and Their Families: Lessons Learned in Adapting CBCT for PTSD

Monday, November 9

10am – 11:15am Symposium: Personalizing Interventions for Sexual Assault Survivors: Unpacking Barriers to and Moderators of Treatment
2pm – 3:15pm Symposium: Forging Social Bonds Among Minority and Underserved Populations via Technology  
5pm – 6:15pm Workshop: Implementing Cognitive Processing Therapy with Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder

Tuesday, November 10

2pm – 3:15pm Panel: Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD: Theory, Technique and Context
5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: Understanding Lifetime Trauma Profiles, Multidimensional Posttraumatic Sequelae, and Treatment Implications from Large Cohort US Emergency Departments samples
Thursday, November 12
10am – 11: 15am Symposium: Preliminary Results from Trauma and Anxiety Technology Interventions for Veterans      
2pm – 3:15pm Symposium: New advances in optimizing and augmenting current PTSD treatment: From the lab to the clinic
5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: Identifying Barriers and Mechanisms for the Treatment of Racial Trauma Among Black Communities: Implications for Bridging Science and Practice

Friday, November 13

10am – 11:15am Symposium: Treatment of distress in (traumatically) bereaved children and adults 
5pm – 6:15pm    Symposium: Personalized Approaches to Treating PTSD: Can We Improve Clinical Outcomes of Our Evidence-based Practices?