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Mass Violence and Migration Track


This schedule is evolving as we work to implement a virtual meeting. Check back regularly for updates as we add additional meeting offerings.

All times are listed in U.S. Eastern TIme. 

Wednesday, November 4

2pm – 3:15pm Symposium: Scalable screening and intervention to address mental health problems in Syrian refugees

Saturday, November 7

5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: Examining Psychological Outcomes in Trauma Affected Populations in Low-Resource Contexts: The Importance of Triangulation Methods

Tuesday, November 10

2pm – 3:15pm Symposium: Mechanisms underlying the psychological effects of refugee trauma

Wednesday, November 11 

10am – 11:15am Panel: A Cross Cultural Collaboration in the Adaptation of an Assessment and Intervention Program for Yazidi Refugee Women Abducted by ISIS

Friday, November 13

10am – 11:15am Panel: Sustaining Non-Specialists to Deliver Mental Health Services for Trauma Survivors in LMICs: Barriers, Opportunities and Innovations
2pm – 3:15pm Workshop: Conceptualizing and Treating the Effects of Trauma within Muslim War-torn Refugee Communities
5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: Idioms of distress?: Examining the intersection of trauma and somatic symptoms in displaced communities
Saturday, November 14
10am – 11: 15am Workshop: Disseminating Evidence-Based Approaches to Services for Traumatised Young People in Georgia