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Mode, Methods and Ethics Track


This schedule is evolving as we work to implement a virtual meeting. Check back regularly for updates as we add additional meeting offerings.

All times are listed in U.S. Eastern TIme.

Wednesday, November 4

5pm – 6:15pm Workshop: Complex Adaptive Systems and Trauma Recovery Dynamics in Underserved Communities and Vulnerable Populations: Applications and Implications of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems (NLDS) Methodology

Thursday, November 5

10am – 11:15am Panel: To Share or Not to Share?: Advancing Knowledge on Health Disparities in Traumatic Stress and Addictions through FAIR Data

Saturday, November 7

10am – 11: 15am Symposium: Current Research Utilizing Ambulatory Assessment to Investigate PTSD and Associated Correlates and Impairments

Monday, November 9

5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: News and Social Media in the Wake of Mass Violence and School Shootings
Thursday, November 12
2pm – 3:15pm   Workshop: Causal Discovery for Traumatic Stress Research: Advancing Knowledge on Etiology, when Experiments are not an Option       
Saturday, November 14
10am – 11:15am Symposium: Beyond the Basics: Using Advanced Analytic Techniques to Examine the Relation Between PTSD and Comorbid Conditions