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Professionals Track

Trauma in Military/Veterans, Journalists, Health Care Workers and Other Professional Propulations


This schedule is evolving as we work to implement a virtual meeting. Check back regularly for updates as we add additional meeting offerings.

All times are listed in U.S. Eastern TIme. 

Wednesday, November 4

2pm – 3:15pm Panel: Identifying and Addressing the Needs of Children and Families of US Veterans: A Panel Discussion on the White Paper by the NCTSN-VA Subcommittee 

Thursday, November 5

10am – 11: 15am Symposium: Not Everyone Responds Equally: Evaluating and Predicting Treatment Response Trajectories in Residential and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs for Veterans/Service Members with PTSD
2pm – 3:15pm Symposium: The Fragmented Life: Examining the Relationship between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: Suicide Risk and Trauma in Veterans: Novel Research on Risk Factors and Methods of Intervention

Saturday, November 7

2pm – 3:15pm Symposium: Evidence Based Treatments for PTSD in VHA Settings: Trends, Dosing, and Effectiveness

Wednesday, November 11 

2pm – 3:15pm Symposium: Translational Tools for Addressing Secondary Traumatic Stress in Professionals: Innovations for Research and Practice
Thursday, November 12
5pm – 6:15pm Symposium: Understanding barriers to and dropout from trauma-focused care for women veterans in VA

Friday, November 13

2pm – 3:15pm Symposium: Reaching the Hard-to-Reach: Examining use of Video Telehealth to Provide Evidence-based Psychotherapy for PTSD to Veterans
5pm – 6:15pm Panel: Overcoming Obstacles in the Provision of Trauma Focused Care: A Discussion on Barriers and Solutions for Effective Care in the World Trade Center Health Program