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Acute Stress Disorder Structured Interview (ASDI)

The ASDI is a structured interview for diagnosing ASD. It has 19 dichotomously scored items, based on the DSM-IV criterion.

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ASDI form

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© Richard Bryant 1999
Professor Richard A. Bryant, PhD
School of Psychology
University of New South Wales
Sydney   NSW  2052 


1998 published psychometrics, 1999 copyrighted.


The Acute Stress Disorder Interview (ASDI) is a 19-item, dichotomously scored interview schedule based on criteria from the DSM-IV. Advantages include its brevity: It can be completed in around five to 10 minutes and can be administered by any appropriately trained person. It includes the five dissociative symptoms specific to ASD (unlike comparable PTSD scales).


The ASDI requires dichotomous scoring, and the administration form is fully self-explanatory with respect to the scores required in each section to reach ASD diagnosis.


The ASDI was validated against clinician-based diagnoses of ASD on 65 trauma survivors assessed between 1 and 3 weeks posttrauma (Bryant 1998). It possessed good internal consistency (r = .90), sensitivity (91%), and specificity (93%). Test-retest reliability was evaluated on 60 trauma survivors between 1 and 3 weeks posttrauma, with a readministration interval of 2 to 7 days. Test-retest reliability of ASDI severity scores was strong (r = .88), and diagnostic agreement for presence (88%) and absence (94%) of ASD diagnosis was high. The ASDI appears to be a useful tool to identify those individuals who suffer ASD and are at risk of long-term posttraumatic stress disorder.

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Bryant, R. A., Harvey, A. G., Dang, S. T., & Sackville, T. (1998). Assessing acute stress disorder: Psychometric properties of a structured clinical interview. Psychological Assessment, 10, 215-220.

Copyright Richard Bryant 1999

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Although there is no manual to accompany the ASDI the standard 'rules' for administering clinical interviews should be adhered to. The CAPS manual provides excellent instructions for administration.

CAPS Manual