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Earthquake-related Trauma

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In response to the series of devastating earthquakes that recently have affected so many around the world, this virtual special issue of JTS brings together both recent and classic papers to assist trauma specialists in their efforts to identify the factors that predict posttraumatic stress and recovery in the aftermath of earthquake-related disasters. The foci of these studies span every continent and represent the scholarly work of contributors from around the globe, all united by the goals of understanding trauma in the context of earthquakes and doing so in conversation and collaboration with the larger JTS scholarly community. The articles included here address concerns related to children’s, adolescents’, and adults’ mental health needs in the immediate aftermath of trauma, as well as developmental trajectories of change over the longer course. Significantly, the research represented in this collection focuses not only on the correlates and predictors of negative outcomes, but also on the cultural, socioeconomic, interpersonal, and psychological factors that are related to recovery, resilience, and even posttraumatic growth.