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Advanced Training Certificate Program Requirements

To obtain the 21 credits needed, you must complete at least one workshop from at least four of the following categories.* One of these categories must be "Psychological Treatment of PTSD" or "Psychological Treatment of Trauma-Related Disorders".
  • Psychological Treatment of PTSD

  • Working with Specialized Populations

  • Neurological and Pharmacological Treatment of PTSD

  • Human Rights and Ethical Issues

  • Psychological Treatment of Trauma-Related Disorders

  • Methodological Issues in Traumatic Stress Research


List of Sessions

To view the list of eligible sessions within each category, click here.

Additional Requirements

  • Pass each quiz with a 75% or better.
  • Log your courses in your personalized training log. To access your training log, click here.
  • Once you finalize your training log, you can print a certificate of completion.
  • Courses must be completed within five years of registration for the Certificate program.

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*If you have already completed courses online prior to registering for the Certificate program, the courses you have completed will already populate in your training log.