Special Topic: Ethics CE Trainings

AdobeStock_86351840.jpegWe know how hard it can be to find quality continuing education ethics content. ISTSS has a number of online products to help you. Learn from leading experts on ethics in our recorded webinars and training presentations from previous ISTSS Annual Meetings. 

Addressing Ethical Issues in Trauma Research (Daniel Taube, JD, PhD)
Addressing Ethical and Legal Challenges in Clinical Work with Traumatized Patients (Daniel Taube, JD, PhD)
Doing It Well and Doing It Right: An Ethics Workshop for Trauma Specialists (Constance Dalenberg, PhD & Lucy Berliner, MSW) Temporarily Unavailable
Ethics in the Treatment of Chronically Traumatized Individuals (Kathy Steele, MN, CS & Christine Courtois, PhD) Temporarily Unavailable

Online Learning Library 
Our Online Learning Library contains a great variety of courses from top experts in the field of Traumatic Stress. We feature Expert Trainings from ISTSS Conferences as well as Webinar Recordings. Search by course title, presenter’s name, specific categories, intervention or population types to find courses that are best suited to your learning needs.