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Student COVID-19 Grants

Submission Deadline: June 8, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing unique challenges for students (e.g., data collection disruption for thesis or dissertation projects). ISTSS will fund up to $12,000 in grants for ISTSS Student Section members, up to $3,000 for each grant. ISTSS Student Section members are invited to submit proposals focused on traumatic stress and the COVID-19 global pandemic. Successful proposals will support student-led initiatives investigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with the greatest potential to contribute to the field of traumatic stress.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants must be student members of ISTSS currently enrolled in a postgraduate program in a field relevant to the study of traumatic stress.
  2. Applicants must certify that their research proposal has been approved by their academic advisor or research mentor.
  3. An applicant's academic advisor or research mentor should be an ISTSS member. In the event that the applicant’s academic advisor or research mentor is not affiliated with ISTSS, the ISTSS Student Section representatives will connect the student to a senior ISTSS member who is willing to provide guidance and supervision on the proposal submission and, if funded, the research project.
  4. Applicants are allowed to apply for both the Student Section COVID-19 Grant mechanism and the ISTSS Frank W. Putnam Trauma Research Scholars program, but the same individual may not receive both awards.

How to Apply

Email the following documents in one inclusive PDF to ISTSS Student Section Chair Lia J. Smith by June 8, 2020:

  1. ​ISTSS Student Section COVID-19 Grant Application Form
  2. Research proposal (maximum 2 pages; double spaced; 12-point font; not including references) summarizing the following information:
    1. Brief background of the work
    2. Aims and potential impact of the proposed study
    3. A description of the scientific approach and team description
    4. Budget that includes explanation for proposed use of funds
  3. Curriculum Vitae or biosketch for both the applicant and mentor (maximum 2 pages each)
Each winner will be asked to submit a brief, one-page report on the research supported by the award approximately 12 months after the award is given. Winners will present their findings at an invited symposium during the 2021 ISTSS Annual Meeting.