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Family Systems SIG


The Family Systems Approaches to Trauma Special Interest Group (FSAT-SIG) seeks to establish a focus that promotes increased knowledge about the nature of psychological trauma, along with the prevention and treatment of its effects on individuals and their intimate relationships, from a family systems perspective. Individuals do not experience traumatic events in isolation; rather, they are part of larger couple, family, and socio-cultural systems. It is important to understand and address both (1) how trauma impacts the broader systems within which the individual survivor interacts and lives, and (2) sources of resilience within these systems that facilitate recovery and growth.

In an effort to promote the larger mission of ISTSS, the FSAT-SIG is designed to: 1) educate the ISTSS Community about advancements both within and outside the field that have implications for research and treatment of trauma survivors and their family systems, 2) promote awareness of the relationship between traumatic stress and issues for couple and family systems, 3) foster communication among FSAT-SIG members regarding their clinical and research work and interests, 4) stimulate further research and clinical developments in this area to narrow the gap between research and clinical practice, and 5) disseminate information regarding FSAT-SIG activities to ISTSS and to the larger field.


Susan McConnaughy, PhD, LCSW
SUNY Empire State College

Jeremiah Schumm, PhD
Ellis Human Development Institute

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