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Modern combat trauma, military sexual trauma, and the effects of trauma on military families create the need for a deeper understanding of this population, and more integrated forms of working with those affected by these stressors: before, during, and after service. The purpose of the ISTSS Military SIG is to unite experts from around the world in partnership with military service members, veterans, and their families to move towards a more effective conceptualization of combat stress and its systemic aftereffects on the lives on members, families, and communities. As part of this process, this SIG seeks to create a more effective link between mental health providers who serve within military organizations, and providers in the veteran’s community and the civilian community who are now faced with the challenges of treating military trauma.

The Military SIG promotes the larger mission of ISTSS by:
1. Educating the broader ISTSS Community about the complexities of military culture and the importance of such cultural knowledge when conducting research or providing services to military service members, veterans, and their families.

2. Provide a platform for fostering more inclusive and participative research into the stress-inducing experiences of military service members, veterans, and their families by establishing a network of interested professionals (both clinicians and researchers, across different mental health disciplines) and providing communication between them.

3. Disseminate information regarding the outcomes of such research and lessons gained from informed practice to the larger mental health field.

Kristen Walter, PhD 
Naval Health Research Center

Barton Buechner, PhD
Vetransitions LLC

Student Co-Chairs
Nilton Castro

Pace University

Casey Straud

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