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Moral Injury SIG


The Moral Injury Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to bring together clinicians and researchers from across healing disciplines and related fields including philosophy and ethics, military culture and history, and religious/spiritual studies in order to provide a professional home for moral injury discourse and development. In gathering ISTSS members from across these disciplines and the world, this SIG will facilitate a rich scientific conversation and will advance the state of the science in conceptualization, assessment, and intervention for moral injury. Though the concept of moral injury has recently regained a great deal of popular interest, the field is in its infancy. At present, essential conceptual distinctions need refinement and the potential paths to moral healing require paving. Addressing these areas will be the primary objectives of the Moral Injury SIG, and will approached in the following ways:
  1. Advocate for rigorous clinical and scholarly work that attends to cultural and contextual factors in this field
  2. Disseminate high quality scholarship in the moral injury field to ISTSS members and to the broader international community
  3. Support collaborative exploration of moral injury between members of the SIG, facilitating submission of proposals on moral injury and related topics to ISTSS Annual Meetings and other appropriate venues and nurturing research on moral injury and healing
  4. Establish and maintain an active SIG listserv to facilitate direct and wide-spread sharing of new and upcoming literature, training, etc. of interest to SIG membership

Wyatt R. Evans, PhD
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Amanda J. Khan, PhD
San Francisco VA Health Care system

Student Co-Chairs
Victoria De Hoyos
Towson Univeristy

Moral Injury SIG Listserv Address
Members of the Moral Injury SIG can use the SIG listserv to share information with the full SIG.

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Download the Moral Injury SIG Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2

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