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Trauma Assessment and Diagnosis SIG


The primary goal of the Trauma Assessment and Diagnosis SIG (TAD-SIG) is to establish a focus within ISTSS to promote increased knowledge about state-of-the-art methods, procedures, and instrumentation in assessing trauma exposure and traumatic stress symptoms. We intend to create a platform for education, collaboration and dissemination, for clinicians and researchers interested in assessment and diagnosis within the traumatic stress field. We conduct our SIG meetings at the annual ISTSS conventions.


Ateka Contractor
University of North Texas

Daniel Lee
VA Boston Healthcare System

Student Co-Chairs

Krista Engle
University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Jessica Petri
Auburn University

Trauma Assessment and Diagnosis SIG Listserv Address

Members of the Trauma Assessment and Diagnosis SIG can use the SIG listserv to share information with the full SIG.

Reference Texts and Relevant Articles

Freuh, Grubaugh, Elhai, & Ford (2012)
Assessment and Treatment Planning for PTSD 

Friedman, Keane, & Resick (2014)
Handbook of PTSD, Second Edition: Science and Practice

ISTSS Trauma Assessment Resources