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Genomics and Trauma SIG


The focus of this SIG is on the development of a network of professionals interested in traumatic stress exposure and outcomes as related to a range of genomic approaches spanning family studies, candidate gene studies, GWAS, whole genome, gene-environment interplay, and epigenetic processes. This group will foster opportunities to develop collaboration among SIG members, to learn from one another, and to provide further learning to members of the larger ISTSS community.

First, the intent of this group is to foster a network of collaboration, which is particularly important in genetic studies that often require collaborations across multiple international groups. Second, the group will provide opportunities for clinicians and scientists interested in different aspects of genomic research, an inherently transdisciplinary field, to learn from one another. Third, the Genomics and Trauma SIG will aim to provide opportunities for ISTSS members who are unfamiliar with genomic approaches to learn more about genomic methods and the implications of genomic findings for other areas of the study of traumatic stress.


Sage E. Hawn, PhD

Old Dominion University


Leslie Brick, PhD

Brown University

Student Chair
Anne Stevenson, MSc
Stellenbosch University
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health/Broad Institute

Genomics and Trauma SIG Listserv Address
Members of the Genomics and Trauma SIG can use the SIG listserv to share information with the full SIG. istss-genomics-trauma@groups.istss.org