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24th ISTSS Annual Meeting Updates

May 1, 2008


Trauma and Reparative Justice
Delineating the meaning of reparative justice in relation to other forms of justice, and beyond reparation per se, this multidisciplinary panel will convey, from the victims’ and a lawyer’s perspective, their experiences of justice. Missed opportunities and negative experiences in international justice will be examined as a means to better understand critical junctures of trials and victims’ role within the totality of the trial process to demonstrate that, if conducted optimally, the justice process can lead to opportunities for healing. Reparative justice clearlyrequires ongoing training of all professionals, be it judges, prosecutors, lawyers, interpreters, on all aspects of the courts’ mandates related to victims, including self-care to counteract vicarious victimization. 

Author Information: Yael Danieli, PhD, ISTSS United Nations Representative; Susan F. Hirsch, PhD, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution; George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia; Paul Mones, JD, Attorney/Consultant, Portland, Oregon; André Laperrière, MBA; the Trust Fund for Victims (International Criminal Court).