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Dr. Arieh Shalev Honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award

May 1, 2008

ISTSS honored Professor Arieh Shalev with the 2007 Lifetime Acheivement Award during the ISTSS 23rd Annual Meeting in Baltimore last November.

Dr. Shalev has been among the leading figures in the field of trauma and PTSD for more than three decades. As a psychiatrist, a therapist and a researcher, he uniquely and creatively combines different and multi-faceted aspects in his research on trauma. He serves in many national and international task forces and advisory boards on the guidelines for diagnosis, intervention and treatment of PTSD. 

He is professor of psychiatry and the chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Hadassah University Hospital, and is the founding director of the Centre for Traumatic Stress at the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem. He is the editor and co-founder of Dialogue, the Israel Journal of Psychotherapy.

Dr. Shalev received his medical education at the Faculté de Medecine, Montpellier, France. He served as chief psychiatrist for the Israel Defense Forces, Medical Corps. He is a  former recipient of the ISTSS Robert S. Laufer Memorial Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement in the Field of PTSD and the Meritorious Service Award, Uniformed Service University of the Health Sciences.

Since 1989, Dr. Shalev has studied  stress and the sequel of responses to trauma using longitudinal approaches. Using a prospective design, he became one of the experts on early responses to trauma, and on evaluation and treatment in the acute phase following traumatic events. Currently, Dr. Shalev's research concerns posttraumatic stress disorders in adults: etiology, course and treatment. His studies include the course of early symptoms, the psychophysiology of evolving PTSD, responses to the trauma of terrorism, evidence –based treatments for PTSD, and genetic markers of persistent PTSD symptoms. Most of his research is done in Israel, but has vastly influenced the trauma field internationally. 

His research has been supported by many prestigious agencies, among which NIH/NIMH, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation, the Chief Scientist-Ministry of Health, Israel and other sources.
Dr. Shalev has published 2 books, and over 200 articles and book chapters on trauma and PTSD and his articles are internationally known and widely cited.

Congratulations to Dr. Shalev, the 2007 ISTSS Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.