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Student Perspectives: All Aboard the Intern-ship

October 1, 2017

My first article for ISTSS was about the difficulty of obtaining training experiences specialized in trauma without previous experience. I listed recommendations from students and professionals in the field: (i) seek out volunteer opportunities; (ii) ask advice from supervisors and professors; (iii) gain experience in related fields; (iv) complete certifications. Four years later, I am two months into an internship at a consortium site in Louisville, KY. My week consists of various tasks and work with different populations. I conduct psychological testing to inform recommendations regarding competency and criminal responsibility for inmates charged with felonies. I work with refugees and immigrants. And, I am a clinician on team of therapists who work with families referred by the Department of Child Protective Services with children and adults who are survivors or perpetrators of abuse. How did I get here? I want to describe how I put the above-listed recommendations to action.

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