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The Argentine Society for Psychotrauma, or SAPsi (an affiliate of ISTSS), is holding its IV International Congress on Psychic Trauma and Traumatic Stress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 24-26, 2004. An ISTSS panel on forensic issues is being planned for the conference--this will be a first-time featured conference event. A wide range of topics apply, from evaluation to court testimony or treatment issues. ISTSS members who are interested in forensic issues are encouraged to submit proposals and become a member of the panel.

Registration fee for the conference is $150 US. The deadline for abstract submission, in Spanish or English, is April 1, 2004. For more information about the panel and conference, contact Dolores M. Sarno Kristofits at Sarno49@aol.com or Dsarno52@aol.com or call 215-249-0499. Contact Daniel Mosca, president of SAPsi, at danielmosca@fibertel.com.ar or visit SAPsi's Web site at www.psicotrauma.org.ar.