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Public Resources

ISTSS seeks to contribute to the health and resilience of people and communities in the face of traumatic events by providing the very best educational materials possible.  

Find a Clinician

The ISTSS Clinician Directory makes it easy for you to find a clinician, counselor or mental health professional in your local area.

Trauma Blog

Get the latest information on traumatic stress from a diverse group of experts in the field. The ISTSS Trauma Blog highlights the perspectives of clinicians, researchers and other professionals and students working to understand, prevent and treat trauma across the globe.

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a global public health challenge, which is the source of great stress and anxiety for individuals and communities around the world. We have curated resources for both the public and professionals from ISTSS Affiliates, partner organizations and other related health organizations.

ISTSS Briefing Papers

To help frame and promote traumatic stress as a public health issue to colleagues, policymakers and the general public, ISTSS authors papers on trauma-related topics. By promoting public awareness and informing public policy on trauma-related issues, ISTSS hopes to contribute to the health and resilience of people and communities in the face of traumatic events.

Public Education ePamphlets

These electronic pamphlets and fact sheets introduce important trauma-related issues to the public, clients, research participants and other professionals. Several of these fact sheets and pamphlets are available for download in Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. 

Internet Information on Childhood Abuse and Neglect (iCAN)

Welcome to the ISTSS Global Collaboration Project website for adults who have experienced childhood trauma. Our e-pamphlet is available in nine languages.