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Friday Fast Facts

ISTSS Friday Fast Facts is an initiative being led by the ISTSS Education Production Committee. Our goal is to create content on a new topic during the month, releasing small-bite learning products each Friday, starting with a brief video introduction to the topic of the month, and rounding out the month with fact sheets, research briefs, infographics, podcasts, and/or webinars. 

All content for the month is led by one or more ‚Äútopic leaders‚ÄĚ who collaborate¬†with the Education Production Committee and ISTSS staff to prepare the above product set.¬†

The Education Production Committee strives to represent the ideas of our entire ISTSS membership by elevating voices that may typically be underrepresented. This includes collaborating with ISTSS members from diverse backgrounds across career stages, disciplines and nationalities.

If you would like to propose a topic or are interested in helping create a topic set, please email Education Production Committee Chair Melissa Zielinski.