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ISTSS 2019 Global Ambassadors

Nine distinguished Global Ambassadors were selected for the ISTSS Annual Meeting in November 2019 in Boston. The following Global Ambassadors represent their regions, welcome attendees, increase the global outlook of ISTSS and encourage shared global learning amongst the wider traumatic stress community. They  also judge for the student poster awards, partnering with and mentoring students in the fine art of reviewing poster presentations.

Gladys K. Mwiti (Kenya)

Prof Gladys K. Mwiti is a clinical psychologist, founder & CEO of the Oasis African Centre for Transformational Psychology & Trauma at the Nairobi Women's Hospital in Kenya. She has extensive experience in interventions following mass trauma through task-shifting and community-based initiatives as well as clinical practice, training, and supervision of trauma psychologists

Misari Oe (Japan)

Prof Misari Oe is a researcher and psychiatrist at the Department of Neuropsychiatry, Kurume University School of Medicine, Kurume, Japan. She currently serves as Board member for both the ISTSS and Japanese Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (JTSS). She has extensive expertise on disaster mental health, predictors of long-term severe psychological distress following a nuclear disaster, biomarkers for PTSD, and the impact of intercultural issues on stress- and trauma-related disorders.

Jeong-Ho Chae (South Korea)

Prof Jeong-Ho Chae is a researcher and psychiatrist at the Dept. of Psychiatry Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital and The Catholic University of South Korea, currently serving as Board member of the ISTSS and founder of the Korean Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (KSTSS). Jeong-Ho Chae has extensive clinical experience providing care to patients with PTSD and other trauma-related conditions. His translational research focuses on the identification of bio-psycho-socio-spiritual risk and resiliency factors following exposure to trauma.

Zachary Steel (Australia)

Prof Zachary Steel is a clinical psychologist from Australia. He heads a program of clinical research into the impact of trauma on veterans, first responders, refugees, asylum seekers and civilian populations at University of New South Wales. The work of Prof Steel with asylum seeker populations in Australia has helped to develop an evidence base on the adverse mental health consequences of harsh asylum policies including the use of immigration detention and temporary protection visas.

Monique Pfaltz (Switzerland)

Prof Monique Pfaltz is a psychotherapist and clinical and experimental researcher at the University of Zurich and the University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. Her research assesses socio-emotional processes (e.g., interpersonal boundary setting, regulation of closeness and distance, emotional reactivity, facial emotion recognition) in healthy individuals and patients affected by traumatic stress, with a focus on childhood maltreatment (abuse and neglect).

Birgit Kleim (Switzerland)

Prof Birgit Kleim is a clinical scientist and trained CBT therapist at the University of Zurich and the Psychiatric University Hospital (PUK) Zurich, Switzerland. Her work focuses on understanding and predicting the development of PTSD, as well as understanding and augmenting evidence-based treatments, for instance by pharmacological agents acting on memory reconsolidation.

Dr. Anne Wagner, Ryerson University, Canada

Dr Anne Wagner is a clinical psychologist and researcher at the Ryerson University, Canada, committed to helping understand and improve trauma recovery. She is the founder of Remedy, a mental health innovation community, and the Past-Chair of the Traumatic Stress Section of the Canadian Psychological Association.

Dani Mosca (Argentina)

Dr Daniel L Mosca is the president of the Argentine Society for Psychotrauma and has been working as a psychiatrist in the trauma field for 25 years, mainly in Argentina, as well as following disasters in Peru, Bolivia and the US. His daily work is in Buenos Aires with a team responding to both individual and mass trauma.

Jana Javakhishvili (Georgia)

Prof Jana (Darejan) Javakhishvili from Georgia is a clinical psychologist and professor at the School of Arts and Science at Ilia State University, director of the Institute of Addiction Studies and the current President of the European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS). She facilitates mental health reforms in Georgia and in a number of other formerly Soviet countries (Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, etc.). Her research interests mainly concern mental health problems (including trauma and addiction) of war-affected populations, such as forcibly displaced people, tortured individuals and their family members.