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StressPoints Newsletter

StressPoints is the award-winning online eNewsletter of ISTSS. StressPoints shares news and opinions about traumatic stress, highlights ISTSS and affiliate societies' activities and offers informational resources and feature articles of interest to the field. Read the latest issue here!

Interested in submitting an article for consideration?

To submit a story or information for inclusion in a future issue of StressPoints, contact Editor Anka Vujanovic, PhD.

Join the StressPoints Editorial Team: Call for Contributing Editors

The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) publishes StressPoints, an award-winning electronic newsletter to support the professional development needs of its membership. Four issues are published annually. The purpose of StressPoints is to provide an outlet for rapidly sharing news and recent advances in global trauma research and practice.

Contributing Editors serve two-year terms and are assigned to specific columns or general topic areas. Contributing Editors are responsible for writing and/or soliciting from relevant authors (ISTSS members) at least two articles per year. Article content should reflect the multidisciplinary and diverse interests and needs of the membership of the ISTSS. Articles are typically 500-800 words in length. Contributing Editors review each article for content and formatting and consult with the Editor, as necessary. Contributing Editors ensure that issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion relevant to the topic of the article are infused into each contribution, as relevant. All submitted articles are subject to final editorial review. Please review recent issues for examples of format and content.

We at ISTSS are committed to reflecting the global and diverse nature of the Society in our editorial board as well as the content and authorship of articles. Contributing Editors network with leading researchers and practitioners in the field of traumatic stress around the globe and contribute meaningful service to ISTSS. This is an optimal opportunity for professionals at all stages of the career spectrum to become more involved with ISTSS!

Open Positions for Contributing Editors are included below:

  • Global Perspectives (2 positions)
  • Human Rights and Policy (2 positions)
  • Research Methods (2 positions)
  • Special Interest Group Spotlight (1 position)
  • Early Interventions Following Trauma (1 position)

If you are interested in serving as a Contributing Editor for StressPoints, please email your CV and a brief statement of expertise, specifying the column(s) to which you would like to contribute, to the StressPoints Editor, Dr. Anka Vujanovic: avujanovic@tamu.edu

StressPoints Editorial Team

Editor: Anka Vujanovic, PhD
Associate Editor: Kelsey Serier, PhD
Executive Director: Diane Elmore Borbon, PhD, MPH
Managing Editor: Desiree Ferenczi, MA

President's Column
Angela Nickerson, PhD

Biological Perspectives
Morgynn Haner, PhD
Janne Punski-Hoogervorst, MD, MSc

Clinician's Corner
Joan Cook, PhD

Developmental Traumatology
Archana Basu, PhD
Karen Zilberstein, LCSW

Global Perspectives
Sukanya Ray, M.Phil
Mary Schacht, PhD, LICSW
Positions (2) open; contact Dr. Anka Vujanovic for more information and to apply

Human Rights and Policy
Positions (2) open; contact Dr. Anka Vujanovic for more information and to apply

Nicholas Livingston, PhD
Kelly Harper, PhD

Media Matters
Dana Rose Garfin, PhD
Josianne Lamothe, MSW

Military Matters
Lorig Kachadourian, PhD
Kenneth J. Thompson, PhD, LtCol, USMC (Ret)

Public Information and Education Committee Spotlight
Sonya Norman, PhD
Melissa Zielinski, PhD

Research Methods
​Positions (2) open; contact Dr. Anka Vujanovic for more information and to apply

SIG Spotlight
Maureen Allwood, PhD
​Position (1) open; contact Dr. Anka Vujanovic for more information and to apply

Student Perspectives
Mariel Emrich, BS
Luca Hartman, BA
Paige Klein, BA
Lexie Thomas, MA

Trauma and Diversity 
Ryan Holliday, PhD
Nicole Weiss, PhD

Trauma and World Literature
Harold Kudler, MD
Howard Lipke, PhD