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Climate Change and Trauma

As human beings, our physical and mental health cannot be separated from the environments in which we live. Climate change, if left unaddressed, is projected to have catastrophic consequences on the mental health of entire populations. This ISTSS Friday Fast Facts series will feature ISTSS’ recent work to highlight the intersections among global climate change and trauma. Look for new materials every Friday in August 2021.


Infographic: Process Linking Climate Change and Trauma

Fact Sheet: Global Climate Change and Trauma

Climate change is associated with adverse impacts on mental health and wellbeing, including trauma. This fact sheet reviews foundational item to know, current research and steps we can take to address the issue.


Podcast Episode: Climate Change and Trauma


In this episode of #TraumaTalk, ISTSS Global Climate Change and Trauma briefing paper coauthors Jura L. Augustinavicius, PhD (McGill University and Johns Hopkins University); Sarah R. Lowe, PhD (Yale University); and Alessandro Massazza, PhD (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) discuss intersections among climate change, traumatic stress and PTSD.