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Mission and Strategic Plan

ISTSS Mission

ISTSS is an international interdisciplinary professional organization that promotes advancement and exchange of knowledge about traumatic stress.

This knowledge includes:

  • Understanding the scope and consequences of traumatic exposure,
  • Preventing traumatic events and ameliorating their consequences, and
  • Advocating for the field of traumatic stress.

ISTSS Strategic Plan

The ISTSS Strategic Plan outlines a clear vision and mission for the organization that identifies four major goals for the Society.

Goal #1 - Research and Clinical Excellence

ISTSS promotes excellence in research, clinical practice, training, and public health related to experiences of traumatic stress.

Goal #2 - A Diverse and Engaged Organization

ISTSS promotes professional, demographic, cultural and geographic diversity and inclusivity among our membership. We value different perspectives and create an atmosphere of, and opportunities for, respectful dialogue and exchange of ideas and experiences.

Goal #3 - Global Impact

ISTSS supports efforts to increase the health and resilience of people and communities globally through the prevention of and response to traumatic stress.

Goal #4 - Financial Strength

ISTSS’ financial strength provides for the overall economic health of the organization and funding of key priorities and opportunities in alignment with the mission.

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