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Participate in Research

ISTSS engages its members in advancing traumatic stress science and uses research to improve prevention and clinical care, promote resilience and inform public education and policy. Below is a list of research initiatives related to traumatic stress.

ISTSS members are invited to submit research opportunities for consideration. ISTSS does not oversee or evaluate individual studies. It is the responsibility of the institution and the principal investigator to uphold scientific and ethical requirements. All studies listed are IRB approved and ISTSS will not have access to data obtained through these studies. [New announcements on top]

Study of Clinical Decision-Making Regarding Suicidal Patients (posted 4.19.19)
University of Washington

Researchers: Trevor Coyle, M.S., and Melanie Harned, Ph.D.
We are seeking licensed mental health professionals (PhD’s, PsyD’s, MSW’s, etc.) to participate in an IRB-approved online research study investigating the clinical decisions mental health professionals make in treating suicidal patients. Participation takes 30-50 minutes on average.

Should you agree to participate, you will be taken to a Qualtrics Survey in which we will ask you to: 
  1. Read four brief vignettes about hypothetical therapy cases and make decisions based on the information provided.
  2. Answer questions about your personal attitudes as well as your organization’s norms regarding care for suicidal patients, as well as your experience in treating suicidal patients.
  3. Answer demographic questions about yourself (e.g., age, ethnicity, gender, level of education, work environment, years of clinical experience, etc.). 
  4. Read and acknowledge a brief Debriefing Statement. 

This is a minimal risk study, meaning no sensitive information will be collected. All information gathered through your participation will be collected anonymously and cannot be traced back to you. The information you provide in the study is not linked to any identifying information about you. We may use the anonymous data collected through this project for other studies in the future. It is possible you may feel uncomfortable answering particular questions or embarrassed if you do not understand a question. To avoid discomfort, you may skip any question. You may discontinue your participation in the study at any time without penalty.

You may appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the larger body of knowledge related to clinical decision-making. The research may lead to discoveries that enhance the understanding of tools to best support mental health providers in providing care to suicidal patients.

Participation in this project is voluntary. You may choose not to participate or may withdraw from the study at any time without any penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

If you choose to participate, we will give you a $10 Amazon gift card, which will be awarded after you have completed the study. You will also have the opportunity to enter to win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards for your participation. Winners will be selected and contacted by email once all phases of the study are completed. 

If you are potentially interested in participating in this study, you can access the online survey here.

Your Experience as a Practicing Clinician is Needed (posted 4.10.19)

My name is Alexandra Klein and I am a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Norah Feeny and I are working on a study examining clinician beliefs about prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD.

The purpose of this study is to identify factors that are associated with and influence clinicians’ beliefs about utilizing Prolonged Exposure, or PE, for treating their patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We are asking you to complete questionnaires and listen to information about prolonged exposure therapy. The study should take about 30 minutes to complete.

If you choose to complete the survey, you will be entered into a raffle to win one of twenty Amazon gift cards!

You can access the survey here.

We understand that you are busy and receive many of these requests. We appreciate your time and feel that your participation will greatly help with moving this research forward!

Thank you, again for your time and feel free to pass this along to other colleagues and clinicians.

Submit Your Study

ISTSS members who would like their research to be advertised on this page may submit their proposals to for consideration. Research studies will be posted for six months after which an extension must be requested. Please note: ISTSS does not send research requests to our membership through listservs. However, all postings listed on this page will be cross-posted in Stresspoints and the ISTSS Twitter feed.

For submissions, please include the following information:

  1. Name of Primary Investigator

  2. University where the study is taking place

  3. Purpose of the study

  4. Participant inclusion criteria

  5. Letter of IRB Approval and date of IRB expiration (please specify that you have approval for posting on websites, social media, and electronic newsletters)

  6. Survey link