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The 1999 ISTSS board of directors election has concluded and the following results announced by Nominating Committee Chair Sandra Bloom, MD.

Bonnie Green, PhD will be the next ISTSS president-elect, taking office at the 1999 ISTSS Annual Business Meeting held during the ISTSS Conference in Miami, Fla. Dr. Green will take office as ISTSS president at the Annual Business Meeting in November, 2000.

With the outstanding slate of 23 candidates, ISTSS members had difficult decisions to make. Nine board members were elected to serve three-year terms, including one to fill Dr. Green's board position when she assumes the president-elect office in November. At that time, current president-elect John Fairbank, PhD will become ISTSS president.

Newly elected board members: Onno van der Hart, PhD, Barbara O. Rothbaum, PhD, Eve Carlson, PhD, Linda M. Williams, PhD, Merle Friedman, PhD, and Mary Ann Dutton, PhD.

Board members elected to a second term: Frank W. Putnam, MD, Christine A. Courtois, PhD and Arieh Shalev, MD.

Board members who will retire from the board in November: Steve Southwick, MD, Laurie Pearlman, PhD, Berthold Gersons, MD, Edna Foa, MD, John Briere, PhD, and Sandy Bloom, MD.