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Onno van der Hart, PhD, is the new president-elect of ISTSS. Van der Hart assumes the role of president-elect in December 2001, when the current president-elect, John Briere, PhD, steps into his position of ISTSS president at the annual meeting in New Orleans. Van der Hart will become president of ISTSS in 2002 at the ISTSS meeting in Baltimore.

Van der Hart is a professor at Utrecht University in the Department of Clinical Psychology; chief of research at the Cats-Polm Research Institute in Zeist; and a psychologist/psychotherapist at the Mental Health Center Buitenamstel inAmsterdam. A member of a number of professional organizations, van der Hart has served on the board of ISTSS since 1999. He currently serves as secretary of the ISTSS Executive Committee, serves on the ISTSS Conference Program Committee, and co-chairs the ISTSS Complex Trauma Task Force.

Elected Board Members
Five board members were elected to three-year terms, beginning in December: Claude Chemtob, PhD, Russell Jones, PhD, Danny Kaloupek, PhD (re-elected for another term), Kathy Steele, MN, CS, and Sahika Yuksel, MD.

Continuing Board Members
Continuing board members and the year their term ends:

  • John Briere, PhD-2003
  • Bonnie Green, PhD-2002
  • Eve Carlson, PhD-2002
  • Christine Courtois, PhD-2002
  • Mary Ann Dutton, PhD-2002
  • Edna Foa, PhD-2003
  • Merle Friedman, PhD-2002
  • Laurie Pearlman, PhD-2003
  • Frank Putnam, MD-2002
  • Patricia Resick, PhD-2003
  • Barbara Rothbaum, PhD-2002
  • Paula Schnurr, PhD-2003
  • Arik Shalev, MD-2002
  • Stuart Turner, MD-2003
  • Linda Williams, PhD-2002

Retiring board members are Susan Solomon, PhD, and Rachel Yehuda, PhD.