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ISTSS presented its 2006 awards in a ceremony held November 5 in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood, Calif., before a sizeable audience. Each year at its annual meeting, ISTSS presents awards in recognition of achievements made in the field of traumatic stress studies.

The 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Louis Crocq, MD, PhD. The highest honor granted by ISTSS, this award is presented annually to an individual or group who has made great lifetime contributions to the field of PTSD. See the ensuing article in this issue for more on Dr. Crocq.

                                                                       Stevan Hobfoll

Stevan Hobfoll, PhD, received the 2006 Robert S. Laufer Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement, given to an individual or group who has made an outstanding contribution to research in the PTSD field. Ellen Frey-Wouters, PhD, established this award in memory of her husband, Robert S. Laufer.

                                                                         Casey Taft

The Chaim Danieli Young Professional Award recognizes excellence in traumatic stress service or research by an individual who has completed training within the past five years. The 2006 award went to Casey Taft, PhD. The award was created by Yael Danieli, PhD, in memory of her father.

                                                                     Anica Mikus Kos

Anica Mikus Kos, MD, is the 2006 winner of the Sarah Haley Memorial Award for Clinical Excellence, given to a clinician or clinicians in direct service to traumatized individuals. Each year, the winner's written and/or verbal communication to the field must exemplify the work of Sarah Haley.

                                                                      Jonathan Shay

The Public Advocacy Award, which is given for outstanding and fundamental contributions to advancing social understanding of trauma, was given to Jonathan Shay, MD, PhD.

                                Laurie Anne Pearlman                                              Ervin Staub

The Frank Ochberg Award for Media and Trauma Study, established by ISTSS in 2003 to recognize significant contributions by clinicians and researchers on the relationship between media and trauma, was granted to Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD and Ervin Staub, PhD. The award is named in recognition of Frank Ochberg’s role in creating and sustaining this crucial and rapidly evolving field.

More information on the above award recipients will appear in forthcoming issues of StressPoints.
Additional Awards
The first ever Award for Outstanding Student Achievement, designed to recognize a graduate student member of ISTSS who has made a significant contribution to the field of traumatic stress through research, clinical activity or advocacy, was granted to Judith E. Pizarro.

The seventh annual Student Poster Award first place winner is Brittain Lamoureux, for his poster, “Child Sexual Abuse and HIV Risk: Examining the Role of Interpersonal Negotiation.” Honorable mention went to April Fritch and Chih-Hsun Wu.

Ann Chu and Sarah Ostrowski were selected for the Student Research Grant, which provides $1,000 grants to student members who submit proposals judged to have the greatest potential to contribute to the field of traumatic stress.

Each year the winners of the Dart Award for Excellence in Reporting on Victims of Violence are recognized at the ISTSS awards ceremony. This year’s awardees:

  • Radio — The BBC for its program “Return to Sarajevo,” a three-part series revisiting some of the worst destruction from a decade ago
  • Radio —  PRI The World for its program “Hiroshima’s Survivors,” a four-part series introducing listeners to survivors of the atomic bomb blast
  • Newspaper The Daily Advertiser for “The Days After,” a 16-page special section examining the impact of domestic violence in Acadiana