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Executive Committee

Responsibilities: The Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for: 

  • Making decisions about the-day-to-day operations of the Society¬†
  • Deliberating as a representative governing group acting on behalf of the full Board of Directors (BOD) and the Society¬†
  • Reviewing the Society Strategic Plan on an ongoing basis
    • Monitor the progress and accomplishments for each Strategic Plan objective
    • Monitor the actions currently underway and planned in support of each objective
    • Meet with the leadership council composed of work group chairs/leaders on a regular basis in order to obtain progress reports, elicit feedback and recommendations, and report on BOD decisions¬†
    • On a quarterly basis, identify objectives, actions, or timelines that require modification
    • Bring proposals for continuation or modification of the Strategic Plan to the Finance Committee for review and recommendations about the availability of unrestricted net assets available to spend on the proposal
    • Bring proposals for continuation or modification of the Strategic Plan that have been reviewed by the Finance Committee to BOD for review and discussion whenever timely, and formally for deliberation and decisions by the BOD at the mid-year and annual BOD meetings
    • Make recommendations to the BOD about new initiatives or work groups that are necessary in order to achieve current or proposed Strategic Plan objectives¬†
  • Acting as liaisons to Committee and Task Force chairs and other Society work groups (e.g., editors of ISTSS publications) in relation to the strategic plan. Each member of the EC is responsible for:
    • Joining listserves within their assigned portfolio of liaison responsibilities
    • Establishing a working relationship with each chair or other work group leader to collaboratively create a plan that best represents each work group‚Äôs goals and needs
    • Participating in work group meetings as requested by the chairs¬†
    • Working with chairs on the timely completion of goals and reports¬†
    • Reporting updates from Committees, Task Forces and other work groups to the EC
    • Proposing motions to the EC or BOD agendas on behalf of the work groups
    • Serving as point of contact to communicate information relevant to the charge of each work group on behalf of the EC and BOD¬†
  • Acting as liaisons to Committee and Task Force chairs and other Society work groups (e.g., editors of ISTSS publications) in relation to financial requests. Within their portfolio of liaison responsibilities, each member of the EC is responsible for:
    • Assisting work group chairs/leaders in developing requests for funding that fall outside of the approved budget, sending the requests to the Finance Committee on behalf of the chair for a determination of availability of funds, and following Finance Committee review, forward requests to the rest of the members of the EC or BOD
    • Following Finance Committee review, making recommendations to the EC or BOD about funding requests from Society work groups or members that fall outside of the approved budget based on deliberation regarding its consistency with the Strategic Plan goals and other organizational resources and priorities
    • Reporting back to the work group chair/leader regarding the outcome of Finance Committee and EC or BOD decisions related to requests for additional funding
  • Active participation on EC conference calls as scheduled. If an EC member is unable to attend a call then advanced notice should be given to the President and the Executive Director. Updates relevant to the agenda items that fall under the EC member‚Äôs portfolio should be provided to the President and Executive Director in advance of the call.¬†
  • Functioning in accordance with the Bylaws¬†
  • Providing minutes of Executive Committee Meetings to Board within three weeks¬†

Composition & Designated Members: The EC is chaired by the ISTSS President. The EC is comprised of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, President Elect, immediate Past-President and Executive Director. The ISTSS President appoints the Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The President will allocate a portfolio of Committees and Task Forces to each EC member. These portfolios may correspond to the strategic plan goals, taking into account individual expertise, interest, and EC needs. 

Authority (including limitations): The EC has the authority to make day-to-day operational decisions, consistent with the power vested in them in the By-Laws. The EC cannot make decisions that would counter the power invested in them in the by-laws. The EC also cannot make decisions with large financial or reputational implications for ISTSS. 

Society policies impacting function: It is the responsibility of the EC to ensure that decisions regarding new initiatives and regular business and other activities related to the use of financial, staff and member resources are consistent with the ISTSS strategic goals. 

Interactions with other committees: Each member of the EC is a liaison to the Committees, Task Forces, and other Society work groups as assigned by the President within their portfolio. Each EC member will bring financial requests on behalf of the Committees, Task Forces, and work groups for which they serve as the liaison to the Finance Committee who will report back on current availability of funds.  

Job products: Minutes of meetings. Updates to the Society Strategic Plan. 

Staff resources available (from Kellen scope of work): 
Kellen staff will send out reminders preceding the EC call which will include time, day and agenda. The Executive Director will in collaboration with the President develop the agenda for the meeting. Kellen staff will organize and circulate background materials for the call. Kellen staff will take meeting minutes, which will be reviewed by the Secretary and circulated in their final form to the BOD. 

Financial and other resources available: Financial support for monthly calls and Kellen staff to organize the calls, the agenda and materials for the agenda 

Description of operations/processes: 
EC members maintain active communication with Society leaders on their portfolio, with other EC members, with the BOD, and with management company leaders and staff. Decisions are made via votes on proposed motions.   


Marit Sijbrandij - President
Jinhee Hyun - Secretary
Angela Nickerson - President-Elect
Diane Elmore Borbon - Staff Person