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Global Initiatives Committee

Responsibilities:  The Global Initiatives Committee helps to promote the Society’s role as a global organization and makes recommendations to the leadership about how best to meet our mission and goals of being a truly global society.  The Committee is active in supporting the Global Impact goal of the ISTSS Strategic Plan.  Specifically, the Committee will (1) promote global representation on and involvement in Society leadership and professional activities; (2) work with leadership and staff to oversee any ISTSS involvement in Global Meetings; (3) advise and assist with implementation of ISTSS participation in Global Collaborations; (4) work with the Membership Committee toward growth in member involvement worldwide and in the continued implementation of the Corresponding Membership; (5) work with the Annual Meeting Subcommittees toward global breadth of programming at the Annual Meeting; (6) evaluate proposals and offer recommendations to the Executive Committee and the Board regarding options for a future organizational structure for ISTSS; (7) advise and work through the ISTSS President, Executive Committee, and Board in matters of policy and relationships with other organizations; and (8) oversee and review short- and long-term collaborations of ISTSS with other organizations or groups, and evaluate new applications for collaborations.  The Committee acts in concert with ISTSS policy on matters such as encouraging networking of trauma professionals and organizations worldwide.  This includes providing support, advice and mentoring to traumatic stress societies globally, particularly those in the early stages of their development. 

Composition & Designated Members:  The Chair is appointed by the President and serves for a two-year renewable term.  Committee membership should be internationally diverse and representative of ISTSS members.

Authority (including limitations): The Committee has the authority to communicate with representatives of other organizations regarding matters of mutual interest, such as Global Meeting proposals, Global Collaboration activities, and affiliations as well as short- and long-term collaborations.  The Committee provides documents and guidance regarding formal affiliation with ISTSS and advises the Board regarding affiliation requests and any matters that involve the relationship between ISTSS and other traumatic stress organizations.  The Committee also recommends policies regarding international structure and affiliations to the Board.  The Committee does not have authority to enter into agreements on behalf of ISTSS.

Interactions with other Committees:  The Committee works closely with the President as primary representative of ISTSS and has regular communication with the Executive Committee and Board.  The Committee works as needed with other ISTSS Committees on matters of membership, Annual Meeting Program Sub-Committee, Annual Meeting Organizing Sub-Committee, Finance Committee, etc.

Society Policies Impacting Function: Strategic Plan Relevance: Goal 3, Objective 3.1 – Increase ISTSS’ visibility as the premier global professional organization related to traumatic stress; Goal 2, Objective 2.2 – Increase all forms of diversity, including the range of professional disciplines, in our membership; Goal 1, Strategy 1C – Partner with affiliate and collaborating organizations using research and clinical expertise to support advocacy efforts including the creation of strategic white papers on relevant policy issues.  The International Structures and Affiliations Policy and Procedures are important for this Committee, as they oversee the continued implementation of these policies and procedures: https://www.istss.org/ISTSS_Main/media/Documents/Revised_Policies_and_Procedures_5_21_10.pdf


Eric Bui - Chair
Diane Elmore Borbon - Member
Miranda Olff - Member
Misari Oe - Member
Nicole Nugent - Member