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New in Peer Review Editor

The ISTSS New in Peer Review Editor curates and organizes content for ISTSS New in Peer Review, a newsletter consisting of recently published, peer-reviewed articles related to traumatic stress. New in Peer Review includes articles from various journals in the field of traumatic stress, including but not limited to the Journal of Traumatic Stress and the journals of ISTSS Affiliate societies. New in Peer Review goes out every other month, during months when there is no issue of StressPoints.


For each issue of New in Peer Review, the Editor will:

  • Find recently published, peer-reviewed journal articles on traumatic stress
  • Organize articles into categories by topic as appropriate based on content
  • Send complete draft with article titles and links to ISTSS staff for formatting and distribution


  • Must be member of ISTSS
  • Expertise in the area of psychological sciences and traumatic stress, advanced degree (e.g., PhD, MD, MSW, MS, MA) in a trauma-related field or comparable experience
  • Familiarity with peer-reviewed journals related to the field of traumatic stress
  • Preferably a regular reader of New in Peer Review
  • Familiarity with source aggregators (e.g., Feedly) a plus

Time Commitment Required

It is estimated that Editor activities will make variable time demands not normally exceeding five hours per month.


The appointed term for this position is three years, and the Editor may be reappointed.

Transition between editors

To ensure continuity, ideally, the incoming New in Peer Review Editor shall overlap with the previous New in Peer Review Editor for at least one issue.

Appointed by

The Editor is appointed by the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors.

Selection Process

The New in Peer Review Editor Search Committee, consisting of four to five ISTSS members who are stakeholders in New in Peer Review (either as readers, leaders in related committees), will identify a candidate for Editor to recommend to the Board of Directors.

Reporting Structure

This position reports to the EC liaison.

Interactions with Other Committees and Positions

The New In Peer Review Editor is encouraged to consult with other positions including but not limited to  the Website Editor, StressPoints Editor, JTS Editor, Social Network Administrator, and Special Interest Groups.

Staff is available to:

  • Prepare yearly distribution schedule in consultation with newsletter editor
  • Copy edit, format and distribute newsletter
  • Post newsletter online