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Public Information and Education Oversight Committee

Purpose of Committee (scope of responsibilities)
The Public Information and Education Oversight Committee (PIE-OC) is responsible for overseeing ISTSS informational and educational offerings. It is responsible for providing umbrella oversight for the Selection Task Force, Production Committee, and Review Committee. The PIE OC has the overall mission to ensure the related subcommittees and task force are developing and implementing a comprehensive educational program with selection, production, and vetting strategies that support the ISTSS strategic plan, are directly responsive to members’ needs, and are marketable to accrue revenues or new members by reaching non-member customers. The committee will work very closely with the related Public Health and Policy, Annual Meeting, Social Media, Website, Data/Metrics, and Membership committees and JTS and StressPoints Editors to identify needs and priority areas and to coordinate work products, as appropriate, and to help prevent duplication of efforts. 

Chair/ Position Reporting Relationships (where fit is within the organizational structure)
The Chair of the PIE-OC is appointed by the ISTSS President, with approval of the Executive Committee. This is intended to be a two year term renewable term reporting to the President-Elect. 

The Chair is responsible for recruiting members to the Committee. At least one Committee member should also sit on each of the Selection Task Force, Production Committee, and Review Committees.  

Authority & Responsibilities (what committee/task force/position has authority and responsibility to do)
Within the strategic direction and overall policies set by the Board, the Committee has the authority to: 

  • Provide organization and oversight for the Selection Task Force, Production Committee, and Review Committee specifically to ensure: (a) the timeliness, quality, and adherence to job description and Society policies and strategic plan of the ongoing work and products of each of these work groups, and (b) ongoing coordination between the three work groups.
  • Coordinate with other committees related to public information and educational programming (e.g., annual meeting committee, JTS and StressPoints Editors, public policy committee, website and social media editor).  
  • Provide a committee member who is a licensed psychologist to act as the subject matter expert to ensure APA CEU Standards and Criteria and Policies and Procedures of the Office of CE Sponsor Approval are upheld.
  • Approve final content for ISTSS public information and educational programming (not including the Annual Meeting Program and content in JTS and StressPoints) and products, following peer review by the review committee.
  • Report to the Board all changes (discontinuations, revisions, new creation, modifications in delivery methods) to the ISTSS public information and education products on at least a semi-annual basis at the mid-year and annual meetings, 
  • Work with the membership committee with regards to standards for which ISTSS programming is public access, behind a paywall, or is associated with membership benefits.
  • Partner with associated outside organizations, as appropriate, to create joint work projects and public information and educational products.

Limitations on authority (what committee/task force/position does not have authority to do)

  • The committee does not have the authority to approve programming related to the Annual Meeting.
  • The committee does not have the authority to approve content in JTS or StressPoints.
  • The committee does not have the authority to directly add or delete content from the Website or Social Media postings..

Society policies impacting committee/task force/position function (relevant votes the Board of Directors has taken)
The committee is subject to Society policies concerning diversity and international representation of its membership and of the Society’s public information and education products/programs. 

Job products (what work committee/task force/position accomplishes during a year)

  1. Provide annually a recommendation to the board regarding the specific overarching goals and objectives for ISTSS educational programming that includes the elements that should be included, the frequency with which the content should be produced, and recommended delivery methods.
  2. The committee will report directly to the EC and board of directors regarding its approval of public information and educational programming content and delivery methods for ISTSS.
  3. The committee will work with the Finance and Data/Metrics committees to provide metrics regarding the success of ISTSS educational content in reaching it’s strategic plan. This should include information on how this content has impacted ISTSS finances, membership goals, and efforts to increase innovation and increase clinical and research excellence. 
  4. The committee will work with the Public Policy committee to present recommendations for any new public information initiatives to the Board of Directors for their review and approval prior to implementation.

Staff resources available (relevant sections of Kellen scope of work)
Kellen scope of work specifies the following activities related to the function of this committee.  (See current year scope of work for detailed listing.)

Planning and coordination
Staff support will be available to the task force to schedule and participate on phone calls, and other basic administrative support
Staff will advise the committee and participate on conference calls. 

Financial and other resources available
Committee operations: The committee will operate independently utilizing free conference call service and coordinate their own calls.  The committee will reach out to Kellen staff as appropriate for information and guidance. 

Description of operations/processes/procedures (how committee works)
Meetings:  The chair schedules regular task force meetings (at least bi-monthly), sets each meeting’s agenda, and leads each meeting.  The chair will provide reports for the annual and mid-year board meetings. 


Sonya Norman - Chair
Diane Elmore Borbon - Staff Person
Holly Lundgren - Staff Person