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Web Editorial Committee

Purpose of Committee (scope of responsibilities):

The Web Editorial Committee works with the Website Editor to:

  • Develop ideas for content and features that will improve the reach and usefulness of the ISTSS website.
  • Identify and develop specific content for the site (e.g., regular research news updates, maintain/update clinician resources, connections with latest JTS or StressPoints content) in collaboration with relevant ISTSS workgroups (e.g., the Public Health and Policy Committee, the Public Information and Education Oversight Committee and Production Sub-Committee, the Annual Meeting Committee, publication editors, SIG representatives, the Social Network Administrator and others who may contribute content)
  • Keep website policies up to date, and to implement these policies consistently.
  • Liaise with relevant workgroups to ensure that all content has been reviewed that will be posted to the ISTSS website, including links to other sites.
  • Maintain regular communication with other ISTSS groups (e.g., Membership Committee, SIGs, Annual Meeting Committee).
  • Monitor permissions and copyright issues.

Chair Reporting Relationships (where fit is within the organizational structure):
The Website Editor is the Chair of the Web Editorial Committee. The Website Editor reports to the EC liaison.

Composition (by position or other qualifications rather than name; length of service, number of members):

  • The two¬†Associate Website Editors (appointed by Website Editor and meeting requirements stated above) are members of this committee. The Chair selects additional ISTSS members (4 to 8) in good standing to join the Committee. The committee should prioritize representation of global ISTSS members as well as representation of differing career levels (e.g., students, early career, mid-career, late career). ¬†¬†
  • Committee membership should include liaisons with the following ISTSS groups: Membership Committee, Annual Meeting Committee, JTS leadership, StressPoints leadership¬†and Education Oversight Committee.¬†
  • Overall Committee membership should represent the broad interests of ISTSS.
  • Qualifications: Committee members should have expertise in one or more of the following: writing/editing for the web, search engine optimization, technical aspects of website development/management. Committee members must be current ISTSS members and have relevant traumatic stress experience.

Authority (what committee has authority to do):
The committee has the authority to advise the Website Editor on content and features for the website and to recommend changes in the website policies to the Board of Directors.

‚Äč‚ÄčLimitations on authority (what committee does not have authority to do):
Non-budgeted expenses must be submitted via a resource request for approval by the Board of Directors. Requests should be made first to the EC liaison who will facilitate the process of finance requests with the Finance Committee.

Society policies impacting committee (relevant votes the Board of Directors has taken):
The committee must adhere to website policies established by the Board of Directors.

Interactions, Influences & Interdependencies with other committees and positions:
The Web Editorial Committee will work closely with many other committees in regard to developing content for the website. The committee will have regular interaction with the following committees/groups to coordinate specific functions and features on the website: Membership, Annual Meeting, StressPoints leadership, JTS leadership, the Public Health and Policy Committee, the Public Information and Education Oversight Committee and Production Sub-Committee, the Annual Meeting Committee, publication editors, SIG representatives, the Social Network Administrator.

Job products (what work committee accomplishes during a year)
The committee is actively involved in producing and reviewing website content and functions throughout the year, and may recommend new directions and new policies for the website.

Staff resources available (relevant sections of Kellen scope of work)
Staff will advise the committee and participate on conference calls. The Website Editor may delegate specific areas of web content development to committee members, in which case staff will work directly with committee members regarding content updates to the website.   

Financial and other resources available:
The committee may conduct conference calls via Zoom or other no-cost services. The committee assists the Website Editor in proposing a realistic website budget for approval by the Board, and in monitoring and managing the website within the approved budget.

Description of operations/processes/procedures (how committee works):
The committee will generally meet monthly by conference call, will communicate more frequently by email regarding specific tasks and projects, and will meet at the Annual Meeting