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The American Psychological Association's Division of Clinical Psychology (Division 12) has approved the establishment of a new section for clinical emergencies and crises (Section VII). The purpose of Section VII is to advance the clinical and scientific understanding of psychological and behavioral emergencies and crises as well as the clinical abilities needed to evaluate and manage them. Emergencies include life-threatening behaviors such as acute suicidality, potential violence, and risk to vulnerable victims of violence.

Membership is open to Division 12 members, nonmembers of Division 12 who are members of APA (Affiliate member), APA associate members and students.

For more information, contact: Phillip M. Kleespies, PhD, Section VII Representative (Pro Tem),Psychology Service (116 B), VA Medical Center, 150 South Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02130; e-mail, Kleespies.Phillip_M_PHD@Boston