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The ISTSS Student Research Grant (SRG) provides two $1,000 grants to student members who submit proposals judged to have the greatest potential to contribute to the field of traumatic stress.

To apply for the grant, applicants must be student members of ISTSS currently enrolled and in good standing in a postgraduate program in a field that is relevant to the study of traumatic stress. They must show documentation that their research proposal has been approved by their academic advisor or other suitable research mentor and by all appropriate institutional review committees (e.g., Human Studies Committee or Institutional Review Board). Applicants who have previously received an ISTSS Student Research Grant may apply again, but new applicants will receive priority.

The ISTSS Awards Committee will review the applications and provide applicants with written feedback about their work. Each SRG winner will be asked to submit a brief report on the research supported by the award funds approximately one year after the award is made.

How to Apply
The Student Research Grant Application Form is available on the ISTSS Web site at http://www.istss.org/meetings/studentgrants.htm. Download the form, fill it out and send it to ISTSS headquarters along with the following materials:

  • A research proposal (6-page maximum, double spaced; 12-point type) that includes the following information: 1) the aims and potential significance of the proposed study; 2) a brief presentation of the background for the work; 3) a description of methods and design; 4) an outline of proposed analyses; 5) coverage of other general or unique issues related to the research (e.g., feasibility; sample size or statistical power)
  • A budget that includes a brief explanation for proposed use of funds (1-page maximum)
  • A curriculum vitae including publications and presentations (2-page maximum)
  • A letter of support from a research advisor for the project (1-page maximum), stating the advisor’s support for the project, outlining supervisory role

Applicants must submit the original copy of the application and supporting materials along with three additional copies of the application materials. Applications must be received at ISTSS headquarters before September 2, 2003. Announcement of award recipients will be made at the annual meeting in November. For more information, visit the ISTSS Web site.