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The ISTSS board of directors met November 6, 2002, in Baltimore prior to the annual meeting. A brief summary of highlights follows.

  • The 2004 annual meeting will be held in New Orleans on November 14–17, and the 2005 meeting in Toronto on November 2–6.
  • Elana Newman, chair of the Organizational Publications Committee, received ex-officio status on the Executive Committee.
  • Beth Hudnall Stamm, Web editor, received ex-officio status on the board of directors.
  • President Onno van der Hart introduced the new executive committee: Vice President Laurie Anne Pearlman; Secretary Mary Ann Dutton; Treasurer Stuart Turner; President Elect Paula Schnurr; Past President John Briere; and ex-officio member Elana Newman as Organizational Publications Committee chair.
  • Election candidate biographical information will be posted on the Web site; if you want the material mailed to you, as done previously, contact istss@istss.org.
  • The Sociedad Argentina de Psicotrauma is recognized as an affiliate of ISTSS.
  • The Fundraising Task Force was established as a standing committee.
  • A Task Force on Committee Structure was established to examine the society’s committee and task force structure and make recommendations to the board for changes.