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Editor’s note: Denise Sloan and Brian Marx are the developers of WET. They have disclosed the publication of their treatment manual as a conflict of interest.
Written exposure therapy (WET; Sloan & Marx, 2019) is a brief treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that does not include between-session assignments. It is based on a systematic line of work spanning more than ten years, during which we examined the degree to which posttraumatic stress symptoms could be treated effectively through writing about traumatic experiences. This earlier work also examined the sufficient dose (i.e., duration of exposure session and number of sessions) needed to treat individuals with a bona fide PTSD diagnosis (for a review see Sloan & Marx, 2019). The resulting treatment is efficacious, efficient, highly tolerable and easy to deliver. The treatment is now included in the recently updated VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines as a recommended treatment for PTSD (2017).

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