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Special Interest Groups
Trauma Assessment and Diagnosis SIG
ISTSS’s new Special Interest Group, the ISTSS Trauma Assessment and Diagnosis SIG (TAD-SIG) has a primary goal of establishing a focus within ISTSS to promote increased knowledge about state-of-the-art methods, procedures and instrumentation in assessing trauma exposure and traumatic stress symptoms.

The SIG intends to create a platform for education, collaboration and dissemination for clinicians and researchers interested in assessment and diagnosis within the traumatic stress field. The first TAD-SIG meeting will be held at the November 2005 ISTSS annual meeting in Toronto, where the TAD-SIG will start a listserv for interested individuals.

If you are interested in joining the SIG or want to learn more about our activities and plans, contact either of the co-chairs: Jon Elhai at jelhai@usd.edu or Laurel Franklin at Laurel.Franklin@med.va.gov.

Terrorism and Bioterrorism Related Trauma SIG
Another new Special Interest Group, the Terrorism and Bioterrorism Related Trauma SIG was formed to disseminate current information regarding terrorism and trauma (relevant to research, practice or policy). For more information, contact Ginny Sprang, chair, at sprang@uky.edu, or Jim Clark, co-chair, at jjclark00@uky.edu.

Gender and Trauma SIG
The Gender and Trauma SIG has teamed up with the ISTSS Student Section to enhance the opportunities available to student members of ISTSS. Together, we are trying to develop an informational session that will occur directly following a panel discussion on the application process.

This session would provide an informal opportunity for applicants to “meet and greet” with representatives from various programs. In the panel discussion, students will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of applying to various types of programs (e.g., graduate school, internship and postdoc) and afterward meet representatives from participating institutions.

We are seeking contact from directors of training of internship and postdoctoral programs with a trauma focus that would be interested in having their program represented at the meet-and-greet portion of this session. If interested, contact either Jillian Shipherd at Jillian.Shipherd@med.va.gov or Rita Samper at Rita.Samper@med.va.gov.

For more information about the ISTSS Special Interest Groups, go to http://www.istss.org/sigs