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In the wake of the September 11 events, a New York satellite center for journalism and trauma-Dart Center-Ground Zero-has been created with a donation of $250,000 from the Dart Foundation, Mason, Mich., which also funds the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Dart Center-Ground Zero is a temporary center created in New York to: a) address the mental health needs of journalists and news media who covered the September 11 attacks; b) provide training to the media about the scientific and clinical foundation of traumatic stress studies so that people working in the media can determine the best ways to conduct interviews and frame stories about PTSD and trauma; c) help shape the long-term approach of news media covering the September 11 events for accurate reporting of tragedies; and d) create resources that will have continuing value in the training of journalists and journalism students.

The center is directed by Elana Newman, a native New Yorker, who now is on leave from the University of Tulsa, and Barbara Monseu, the center's director of operations. Monseu, an investment banker from Hanifen & Imhoff in Denver, also is on temporary leave. Monseu served as assistant superintendent for Jefferson County (Colorado) Public Schools, which includes Columbine High School, so she is skilled in community response to disaster planning. Services will focus on the New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania areas.

Currently the center is assisting media professionals in forming rap groups about 9/11, in the tradition of those formed by Vietnam veterans after the war. In addition, the center is in the process of compiling a referral list of mental health professionals for individuals seeking services. Also under way is a collaborative effort with media professionals to develop an online curriculum for journalists and other media professionals that includes information on trauma as well as reporting strategies for covering trauma. This is made possible with a 9/11 community response grant from Pfizer. Future plans include conferences, film series and other events.

Experts or licensed mental health workers interested in assisting in any activities, should complete the form on Dart's Web site at http://dartcenter. org/groundzero. Interested media professionals can reach the center by phoning 212/843-9744.