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The newly revamped ISTSS website inspired a new approach to generating material for the Trauma Blog—JTS Commentaries. These are blog pieces written by recent authors for the Journal of Traumatic Stress on topics that are pertinent to clinical work or public health. The tone is conversational and discussion questions are posed at the end of each piece. Discussion questions might prompt comments on the blog or might carry over to one of our social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). JTS Commentaries offer a unique way to connect current research in the trauma field and we think they will provide a nice supplement to reading JTS. (click photo to enlarge)

All JTS author acceptance letters include an invitation to submit a JTS Commentary; however, if you are interested in authoring a blog piece that references an article published in a different journal or simply provides commentary on an issue that is relevant to ISTSS members – please consider submitting it to the ISTSS web editor (Damion Grasso, PhD at dgrasso@uchc.edu). These pieces are an excellent way to broaden the reach of the important work that you are doing.