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Christal.jpgIt has been my distinct honor to serve as the editor of StressPoints for the past three years. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing editorial staff of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to draw upon the wealth of knowledge of the ISTSS membership to bring voice to a range of important professional issues within the domains of traumatic stress research and practice. My time in this role has allowed me to develop meaningful connections with colleagues and to learn about a myriad of issues outside my own areas of professional expertise. Our team has worked hard to expand the global voice represented in StressPoints issues and to highlight concerns affecting populations that are often overlooked and underrepresented in traumatic stress research. I would like to thank all the editorial staff and other members of the organization who have contributed their time to submitting and/or reviewing articles.
As I wind down my term as editor, I would like to share with you some upcoming changes to StressPoints. The publication will be moving to release issues once per quarter, and ISTSS leadership is currently working to identify the next editor who will take on the role of shepherding StressPoints forward. I am excited to see where this new editor decides to focus and take this important publication.
Thank you all for putting your faith in me and for giving me this opportunity.