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We are pleased to welcome you to the first issue of the new, electronic version of Traumatic StressPoints. This format will allow us to implement some new and exciting changes for the newsletter to better serve the members of ISTSS. We would like to thank Matthew Lesh, managing editor for StressPoints at ISTSS Headquarters for his invaluable assistance during this transition.

This issue also offers you a sneak preview of the ISTSS Web site redesign, which will be launched later in the year.

In the electronic format, we anticipate bringing you the newsletter six times per year. With two additional issues per year, we hope to further improve our ability to bring members timely information about advances in the traumatic stress field, updates on society news and other opportunities such as conference or job announcements.

Over the course of the six issues, you will continue to see familiar features, such as relevant clinical and research related articles, Media Matters, a featured student section, communication from ISTSS leadership, and the Communications Corner for SIG updates and other relevant news. You will also see new features such as the recently introduced column on trauma and world literature. We will be able to take advantage of new features in the electronic format, such as links to Web resources and e-mail addresses, greater capability to utilize graphics or video links, and updates in content.

We continue to see StressPoints as a vital communication tool that should reflect the interest and concerns of all ISTSS members. We will continue to strive to solicit and publish articles that represent the diverse and complementary interests of all members. Given the more frequent publications dates, we anticipate publishing slightly shorter newsletters that over the course of a year will tap the many interests of members.

We invite your feedback on issues and topics you would like to see represented in the newsletter. And, as always, we invite members to submit articles for consideration in StressPoints.

We are pleased to bring StressPoints to the members of the Society in this new format, and we look forward to the exciting changes and potential improvements this shift will bring.

Please send submissions, suggestions, comments or other correspondence to co-editors Ed Varra and Anne DePrince.