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nimh-logo.pngThe NIMH is interested in expanding the pool of scientists that we engage to review applications submitted to our Institute. We are especially interested in including scientists whose participation can help to enhance diverse perspectives on our review panels and who represent a range of mental health research expertise. If you are interested in being included in a directory that NIMH Scientific Review Officers reference when identifying potential reviewers, please submit an application at the following link:  NIMH Peer Reviewer Registration (office.com). For more information about serving as a reviewer, you can visit: NIMH » Serving on a Peer Review Committee (nih.gov). International reviewers are welcome to apply. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Chu with questions:
Serena Chu, PhD
Scientific Review Officer (SRO)
Peer Review Diversity Liaison
National Institute of Mental Health
Phone: 240-478-0008
Email: Serena.Chu@nih.gov
Apply to serve as a NIMH Peer Reviewer: NIMH Peer Reviewer Registration Form