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ISTSS 2006 Election: Nominations by Petition Due July 21

Each year ISTSS conducts an election for board members and a president-elect. The ISTSS Nominating Committee, chaired by board mem­ber and Past President Barbara Rothbaum, PhD, has nominated the individuals listed below. Additional nominations may be made by peti­tion. For each petition nomination, submit one sheet of paper containing 16 original signatures of ISTSS mem­bers. These submissions are due at headquarters by Friday, July 21, 2006.

Note that, with the exception of the president, individuals are typi­cally limited to two consecutive terms on the board. This year, ISTSS mem­bers will elect four board members to serve three-year terms and one board member to serve a four-year term beginning November 2006. The four-year terms shall be awarded on the basis of highest number of votes received in the annual election. Members also will elect a president-elect, who will assume the office of ISTSS president in November 2006.

2006 Nominations

ISTSS President-Elect
Ulrich Schnyder, MD
Stuart Turner, MD

ISTSS Board Member
Dean Ajdukovic, PhD
Norah Feeny, PhD
Jean Beckham, PhD
Stevan Hobfoll, PhD
Alain Brunet, PhD
Daniel Mosca, MD
J.T.V.M.(Joop) De Jong, MD, PhD
Murray Stein, MD
John Fairbank, PhD  

Again this year, the election will take place by electronic ballot in August 2006. Mail ballots will be dis­tributed to members without e-mail addresses and upon request made to Diane Rutherford, Administrative Director, ISTSS, 60 Revere Drive, Suite 500, Northbrook, IL 60062 USA or via e-mail to: drutherford@istss.org or via telephone at 847-480-9028, Ext. 245.

Any member desiring to cast a mail ballot will be accommodated. Only non-North American members may fax their vote if they do not vote online. All candidates accepted for the final ballot will provide a statement that will be available on the election and the ISTSS Web sites. More details regarding electronic balloting are forthcoming. Results will be announced in November.